Client: Illinois State Toll Highway Authority
Location: Gurnee, IL
  • Reconstruction of Ramps A, B, C, E, G and H on new alignments with associated earthwork, drainage improvements, signing, striping and other ancillary work. Also included is replacement of interchange lighting system, ITS improvements, approximately 1,000 feet of retaining wall along Ramp E, construction of a barrier wall separating Ramp E and mainline NB I-94, guardrail improvements and associated Maintenance of Traffic.
  • Various guardrail, gutter and drainage repairs.
  • Parking Lot Rehabilitation of I-94 Toll Plazas 21 (M.P. 4.9) and 24 (M.P. 26.4)
  • HMA resurfacing with minor patching areas of Toll Plaza 21 in Lake County, Illinois.
  • Crack routing and sealing of Toll Plaza 24 in Cook County, Illinois
  • Parking Lot Rehabilitation of I-294 Toll Plazas 33 (M.P. 38.7) and Maintenance Yard M-3 (M.P. 41.6)
  • HMA resurfacing with minor patching areas of Toll Plaza 33 in Cook County, Illinois.
  • HMA resurfacing, drainage and guardrail improvements, and concrete curb repair of Maintenance Yard M-3 in Cook County, Illinois.
  • Structural repair of two struts on Plaza 83 space frame canopy.
  • Replacement of existing flat roof canopy at plaza 23 with structure monotube at the same location.
  • Relocation of antenna and wiring at Plaza 23
  • Repairs and replacement of guardrail, gutter, roadway lighting, CCTV / RTMS Poles and equipment, and drainage structures on, together with the Maintenance of Traffic and all other miscellaneous work detailed in the Standard Specifications, Tollway Supplemental specifications and Special Provisions.